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            Zhangzhou  ZhongDa Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a professional production ofspecial ceramics of high-tech enterprises, the core technology team worked as a research "98 years of engineering ceramics" project, the main dry pressed ceramic sealing valve manufacturing R & D, and successfully developed a set of advanced ceramic sealing valve plate dry pressing technology, was the first domestic Master stem technical team pressed ceramic sealing valve plateprocess, and then set the domestic largest export industry. Related technologyby experts, the identification certificate of achievement of science and technology.

     We then expand the types of products, focusing on high-tech ceramic products,and new production line successfully to build an annual output of 200000 pieces of electric vacuum ceramic and ceramic metal pipe shell. The production of ceramic corrugated pipe and nano metal p roducts in the domestic leading level.    
    After the domestic research institutions and some foreign customers to testand use, agreed that the mechanical, electrical properties of the excellent product, metal sealing of high strength, good air tightness, each performance index meets or exceeds the national standard SJ / 11246-2001, reached the level of similar domestic products.

     Our company in Zhangzhou City, Nanjing high tech Industrial Park has a modern factory of 15000 square meters, long-term cooperation and scientific research units, dry pressed ceramic valve, ceramic, ceramic, structure ceramic corrugated tube development and production of various specifications, and a variety of electronic ceramic and metal, welcome to negotiate.